Corporate Art was retained by a prominent publishing house in New York City to work with the architect in creating a display wall for their awards. In completing the architect's vision of a 56 piece installation on two adjacent walls in the publisher's lobby, Corporate Art oversaw the manufacturing of the 112 drilled lites of tempered glass, the "float-mounting" of certificates & awards and completed an on-time installation minimizing disturbance to a high traffic area.

The architect's vision was made a reality and this 56 piece precision installation into wood panels was completed on time, with minimal disruption to the operation of business. Corporate Art provided and assembled the tempered glass, standoff hardware and mounting of the awards.


Corporate Gallery - 1
Corporate Gallery - 2
Corporate Gallery - 3

Public Spaces Gallery - 1
Public Spaces Gallery - 2
Public Spaces Gallery - 3

Healthcare Gallery - 1
Healthcare Gallery - 2
Healthcare Gallery - 3






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