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About Corporate Art


It is our belief that artwork serves many purposes. Enhancing an environment with artwork not only adds the finishing touches in a decorative sense, it gives insight and identity to the space. It demonstrates how colors, textures and shapes can contribute to a client's image, goals and the general well being of the people who work at or visit the site.

Corporate Art prides itself on our extensive inventory of original paintings on canvas, paper, wood, metal & acrylic; limited editions; photography; sculpture; tapestry and posters. We work with architects and designers throughout the country on projects that range from small to extensive collections and all budget categories. We specialize in creating site or industry specific art to fit the needs of all types of industries, healthcare facilities, the hospitality sector and residential locations. Corporate Art can also work with clients in helping to set standards for numerous locations.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of artwork and consulting services to each and every client. We recognize that every project is unique and understanding a client's needs, intent, taste and budget is an integral part of this process.


Corporate Art, LLC was started in 2002 by Jill Jacobs and Sonny Lewis. With combined experience of 30 years in art sales and consulting, Corporate Art has far exceeded our expectations in sales and growth. We strive to continue providing exceptional artwork to our clients utilizing our extensive inventory and art consulting skills. We are in the process of expanding both the size of our firm and the range of services that we offer.


Our inventory and resources include artists from throughout the country as well as other countries. We are constantly expanding our collections and seeking out new and diverse artists. We bring the artwork, framing options and our creative approaches to your space along with an extensive project portfolio to begin the selection process.

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